Lyse Dialog

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Lyse AS is a Norwegian industrial group in Energy and Telecommunication. The group consists of 10 subsidiaries which are wholly-owned companies that were created within the energy, infrastructure, and Telecom business areas.

Lyse Dialog is the customer service department, and they handle over 1 million customer interactions per year.

Fully updated employees and connectivity is key to their company culture.

Prepp is a way to improve the quality of internal communication

Leif Floysvik,
Head of Communication & Training

The problem

Lyse Dialog are struggling to reach all customer-facing employees with “fresh information”.
They send out a lot of internal information through different channels and they do not know who is reading what, who is engaged or not. They often receive questions from the staff and the executives spend a lot of time referring to information already published.

Group executives need to know who’s reading what, and not least follow up those who do not read the information at all.
They want to ensure that employees that are mostly millennials are engaged in internal communications.

There are many daily changes, there are a lot of routines to deal with, and the employees need follow-ups and navigation in order to do their job right. For this reason, it is necessary that important information / top-down information is read and understood by all employees at the right time.

Because they do not measure internal communication, it is hard for them to know if employees are aligned with the operational day to day information, compliance, policies and strategy. Lyse enrolls all employees in a 14 day training period when joining the company, but they do not have the right tools to follow up the employees after the 14 days of training.

“We cannot continue to be blind, there may be employees who have not read any of the information we have sent in the last month ”

Atle Overbo,
Academic & Process Manager

How Prepp helped

Prepp delivers significantly higher read rates compared to posts in Workplace groups. Lyse benchmarked a post in Workplace Groups and a message sent through Prepp, and the results were pretty amazing:

Workplace post after 15 minutes: Read by 29 employees.
Prepp message after 15 minutes: Read by 121 employees.

According to Lyse, Prepp is a completely superior channel when broadcasting need to know information to employees.

Prepp is the only channel in Lyse where they can measure whether employees have read information and the only channel that can easily follow up on those who have not.

They have already managed to reach employees that previously did not read important information at all.

Each customer service employee talks to 50-100 customers per day so getting an alignment of information has a big impact on their customer’s satisfaction.

The employees have requested that they want important information to pop-up on their screens, rather than having to search through the various channels to find it.

Prepp solves exactly this kind of problem for them.


“Prepp is replacing the sticky notes on the screen”
Atle Overbo

By Boosting management posts that previously got lost in the noise, Prepp helped them achieve significantly higher read rates.

They also achieved significantly shorter time for the information to be read, which led to reduced costs by shorter processing time.

They improved the customer experience by having customer-facing teams that are updated on policies, changes, campaigns, IT outage and upsell products.

“The Communication and Training Department “Prepps” the customer service department because they are the factory in the organization. They constantly need to change the output to customers based on input from all departments.
Leif Floysvik

“With Prepp, our employees get a better experience in terms of how they are informed and the actual flow of information in the company”

Leif Floysvik,Head of Communication & Training

Why Prepp?

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