Rethink Internal Communication - Because the world we live in has changed

Connect, align, and engage your employees by ensuring strong, measurable communication with every employee.

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Dare to rethink Internal Communication - Because the world we live in has changed

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Employee disconnect

One of the biggest pains for internal communicators is the struggle of getting employees to read the business-critical information at the right time.

    • – 74% of employees feel they’re missing out on important company information
    • – 30% of desktop and 50% of mobile employees
      do not open management emails.
    • – 13 % of employees visit their intranet daily and 31 percent never do.

Sources: Newsweaver, Mindshare, and Prescient Digital Media

Workplace by Facebook has managed to make large companies smaller and give everyone a voice, but the management voice is drowned in all the noise.

How do we connect with people in 2018?

A direct line between management and employees

Higher read rates and engagement on need-to-know information in a measurable way

Boost posts in Groups to secure higher read rates

“Boost bot” -an innovation by

It is hard to get important posts read by all employees in a group so we created Boost bot to secure higher read rates on important posts.

Use @boost by to get quick awareness by sending a direct reminder WorkChat message to all employees that have not read the posts.


Ensure that important announcements cut through the noise in the company and engage employees

-Compliance, New rules, and regulations

-Ensuring a safe workplace, Sexual harassment

-Service notices and important news


Gather company around initiatives. Example: Increase views of a live broadcast and other events that you want employees to attend.

-Align customer-facing teams with important news so they are saying the right things to customers

-Internal marketing to ensure that employees are on point with the external sales and marketing message

Emergency and crisis information

Leaving it up to chance if employees get important information during a crisis can have serious consequences.

-Terror threats and attacks
-Bad media coverage
-Accidents, hurricanes, Earthquakes
-IT outages and IT warnings


-Maximize ROI on the platform you already have invested in and reduce e-mail

-Making large companies more agile and invest in your most valued asset: Your employees

-Drive employee engagement and improve connection to the company

Communication = ROI

More informed employees outperform their peers by 77%.

One percent increase in employee engagement can give an additional 0.6% growth in sales.

Sources: Gartner and AonHewitt

And the best part?

We piggyback on the platform you already use and have invested in; Workplace by Facebook.

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