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Employee disconnect

One of the biggest pains for internal communicators is the struggle of getting employees to read the business critical information at the right time.

• 74% of employees feel they’re missing out on important com  pany information

• 30% of desktop and 50% of mobile employees do not open management emails

• 13 % of employees visit their intranet daily and 31 percent never do.

Workplace by Facebook has managed to make large companies smaller and give everyone a voice, but the management voice is drowned in all the noise.

Sources: Newsweaver, Mindshare, and Prescient Digital Media


How do we connect with people in 2018?

Prepp empower internal communicators to reach and engage employees in a short and sweet format, that cuts through the information overload. We secure high impact on employee communication and analytics to measure communication results.

Prepp - a direct line between management and employees

Distribution lists represent between 40%-60% emails sent in a company with only 15% open rate!

Emails are great but people got a lot of power with this communication tool; any person can send 2,000 emails every day to colleagues using distribution lists- but do not accept the responsibility – don’t care if they read it or not, if they find it interesting or not, if they answer or not, I just want them to get my email on their inbox.

With Prepp a few chosen people can reach employees on the channels with the highest open rates: WorkChat.



Stop wondering and start knowing if need-to-know information is being read by employees with our analytics dashboard.

Boost posts in Workplace group

It is hard to get important posts read by all employees in Workplace group, so we created Boost bot to secure higher read rates on important posts. Booster gives management quick awareness on the important posts.

All you need to do is to tag the bot in the post or in the comment field, the bot will send a direct reminder WorkChat message to all employees that have not read the post.


Ensure that important announcements cut through the noise in the company and engage employees
– Compliance, New rules, and regulations
– Ensuring a safe workplace, Sexual harassment
– Service notices and important news


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