The worlds biggest private employer Walmart chose Workplace by Facebook.

Why did Walmart, a company that employs more than 2 million people, choose Workplace by Facebook as their enterprise collaboration platform?

I believe a part of the reason is the emoticons and thumbs up..

Less E-mail is a good thing

I used to spend 40-50% of my time reading and writing e-mail so any measure to reduce that time is great ROI for the company I work for.

I plan events, discuss in groups and chat with friends in Faceboook in my personal life. It feels wrong to spent so much time doing the same thing over e-mail when I am at work.

That is why I believe Workplace by Facebook is the one Enterprise Social Network people adopt to quicker than any platform in the market. It works from day one and makes people more productive.

Big companies can become more like start ups

Why did Walmart Choose Workplace by Facebook?

I am not saying it will instantly happen. Or that they will become as agile as small start ups.

But as DNB, Norway`s biggest bank stated; it makes them flatter and smaller.

Everyone in the company gets a voice and good ideas are spread faster across silos, from employees to management and from management to employees.

Another great example of this is a quote from the Starbucks new CEO Kevin Johnson in their annual shareholders meeting:

“About a month-ago, a store manager posted on Workplace. He posted a post that said that they are selling more than 20 beverages a day that are not on our official beverage menu. They are beverages that were featured on Instagram. How many people use Instagram, get your beverage see all kinds of beverages on Instagram? Well they’re selling 20 a day that they [don’t] truly have the right recipe [for]. Well, within a 24-hour period, nearly 40 other store managers also posted and said I too am selling 15 of these a day, I’m selling 30 of these a day.
And then that evening, our category marketing teams saw the volume of post and how much this beverage, featured on Instagram, was selling in our stores. They made a decision that night and posted back to store managers by the next morning that they had made the decision to add this to the official beverage recipes. Something that could have taken weeks, if not months, to happen before Workplace, happened in one day. That is creating visibility with our store managers that’s enabling us to have more velocity in the way we make decisions, so we can better serve our store managers and our partners in the stores.”


If Starbucks can work like a start up – you can too!


😊 and 👍 @ work?

By re-entering digital feelings and appreciation like emoticons and thumbs up button to the company vocabulary we can all become happier and more productive at work.

All humans, not just millennials, get a jolt of joy when someone gives positive feelings to us. This creates a repository circle.

Do you know how satisfying it is for employees to get get a much needed thumbs up from their co-workers, managers and CEO for doing great work?

More than salary or status we want to feel connected and appreciated at work.

I talk to Workplace users on a daily basis and the feedback I get is that people are more engaged and happy at work than ever before by having Workplace by Facebook for the company.

Why you should choose Workplace by Facebook:

Workplace is still young in the enterprise market, but I cannot see how the competitors can compete against THE SOCIAL NETWORK:

  • The struggle of getting big enterprises to change habits and adopt new internal comms platforms is real. Workplace by Facebook just works. For everyone. Instantly.
  • There are 2 billion active users that are familiar with Facebook and all of them are constantly giving feedback to the 20.000 people working in making Facebook better every day.
  • E-mail was invented in the 1960. Facebook was invented in 2004. Just like E-mail was better than FAX and sending actual letters, Workplace by Facebook makes us more efficient and productive.
  • Gives tons of untapped ROI for the company with the 😊 and 👍. Keeping employees happy that will lead to satisfied customers resulting in higher ROI for the company.